I really love my job and the variety it offers. One day I can be working on a technical tax issue with a client, speaking on the Wake Up To Money radio show (which requires me to get up at 4am), attending an event or going to meet a prospective new client, spending time with my GT team members or hosting a podcast discussion with two inspirational business leaders. Some days all of these things in one day! It’s the latter that I’d like to share with you today.

Back in January, we invited two of our North West Faces of Vibrant Economy Will Fletcher, MD of Recycling Lives and Sarah Dunning, Chairman for Westmorland Limited to take part in our Vibrant Voices podcast series. Deciding what we would like to base this podcast on was easy, given all the fantastic work both Will and Sarah are doing around connecting profit with purpose and using their successful businesses to make a real difference to local communities.

I don’t want to give too much away as I strongly encourage you to download this podcast, but it was fascinating for me to hear how Will and Sarah’s are working with their communities, measuring their social impact and overcoming the challenges they’ve faced to date. Sarah used a great quote from Wholefoods during our discussion “it’s not something we do, it’s everything we do” and I really liked this modern approach to purpose being integrated in businesses today and not just being a tick box.

To visit our website and download the podcast, please click here